Reasons to be cheerful (thanks to Ian Dury)

No, I’m not going to write 1,2,3 as per the song, but it would make an ideal format for a nice long list. 

Laughter is important. I’m naturally drawn to things that make me laugh. They’ve changed over the years, as have I. No, I’m not a perfect size 10 anymore and my hair isn’t exactly the same colour as it was at birth.

So, here’s what’s making life a whole lot better right now; 1, 2, 3. (I lied).

Radio comedy. We don’t have tv right now. We did have television beamed down from a nice satellite that showed us red button stuff and snooker and one breathtaking night, Strictly Come Dancing and then the BBC turned the satellite off. No more Radio 4 (gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes), no Radio 3, but there was an upside to this. No more girls with telephones in their hands, fondling themselves, thanks (not) to Richard Desmond.

So, this week’s laugh was from Kim Fuller’s wonderful comedy ‘The Castle’. If you haven’t heard this gem of a programme, then please do go and find it somewhere. 

Lord John of Woodstock (widower and sexually inactive) is asking his neighbour Sir William de Warenne (knight errant, scourge of the Levant) about seduction. 

De Warrene is telling Sir John about a recipe that will have any woman gasping for ‘it’. The dialogue fades, ending with something like ‘a jus of rosemary’. Sir John, baffled says, ‘but I don’t have any of those ingredients, what if I just have a knob of butter?’

Sir John “Wait 10 minutes and tell her it’s never happened before!’ 

Oh joy. There are so many great comedy moments – especially Sir John’s idiot son Henry (favourite expressions ‘innit, bangin’ and furshizzle). Go, listen and laugh.

I also love ‘Cabin Pressure’ written by John Finnemore.  It may have a cast change due to the fact that one of the characters is played by Benedict Cumberbatch….yes, he is now GLOBAL. Alas, his character Martin, may have to marry his princess and leave MJN air. (My Jet Now). This isn’t so bad. There’ll be a new young captain for Roger Alam’s character torment. Great. 

Times they are a changin’. The new musical term is about to start at the Monforte Conservatorio and I shall resume my violin lessons, with my friend and great teacher, Miguel Alvarez and try to find an accompanist who is sympatico and willing to work towards a recital. Ooooh, scary. That’s me. Brave. Resolute and needing to do some serious practise. 

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