In my defence, I have had to handle the crushing blow of losing my iTunes.
This had been a dire state of affairs that looked terminal for my ageing MacMini. Oh, the grief. No more wonderful cds to put on my iPod, how was I going to managed?
However, I have a daughter who is a genius and she restored my world of music.
It’s curious, that of all the gigabytes of music and some speech, that I am very set in my ways. I like to listen to certain things at certain times.
For example; I’m about to walk up the lane to see if there are any mushrooms and I always walk to JS Bach’s arrangement for harpsichord and orchestra 1052 (D minor). The first movement has just the right tempo to set a good pace.
By the time I reach the Very Large Eucalyptus Tree, I’m slightly out of breath – or not, depending on how much I’ve been exercising.
Last time I walked up the lane, my thighs weren’t telling me that they’d changed into jelly and would I please stop doing this, until the second small chestnut tree. Result! I’m fit!
Well, yes and no, as we’d spent the previous five nights in a tiny hotel in Porto de Bares. This is a perfect small fishing village. The sort you’d dream about finding in Cornwall, but with only 50 tourists sharing your beaches and 3 fish restaurants.
Bares is on a hill. Not all of it, but the hotel is quite definitely up and up and up (stop for resuscitation) and then up some more to the room.
The down bit is tricky as well, but also good for the legs. So with lots of Up and Down, my legs are strong and toned.
Bares is heaven, the water is perfectly clear, clean and safe for swimming. The restaurants are excellent and the smallest one has a mojito machine. What more could any one want? And no, I’m not listing phone number. It’s too good to share.

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  1. Eleanor says:

    Forgot to say in my post re S’ s graduation…can get me on
    Eleanor x

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