How to prepare for normal life…(level of difficulty 10)

If you’ve read any of my blog entries, you’ll see the words Multiple Sclerosis a lot. Yes, I have this damn annoying and horrible disease.
You can’t tell – I’m one of those people with invisible symptoms. It’s ripped my knees to shreds (quite literally) as the ligaments have pulled my bones out of alignment and played havoc with my meniscal cartilage.
I have a stick. That’s because I now have one leg that is shorter than the other thanks to contracted/shortened lateral ligaments. I wear weights on my right ankle to pull my heel down to the floor and keep the bones apart.
I get tired easily, so I have to improve my stamina and that’s a very tiring process.
We’re about to go to the UK to see our daughter being presented with a Masters in Health Economics. She’s done us proud – she has worked hard and taught herself a lot of advanced mathematics.
We (her parents) barely scraped O levels (well I didn’t even bother to take mathematics at that level).
In many ways it’s thanks to her teacher at Chatsworth International School in Singapore, Mr Peters and also Mr Monday her maths teacher at the British International School in Jakarta.
They taught her to see the patterns and not to be scared of mathematics, that it wasn’t any more difficult than English and so she flew. She soared away from us and we are proud of her.

Back to the preparations. Thirty minutes of aerobics each day (or other day) with weights is part of this. My body is used to the movements, having done aerobics for over 25 years. It’s all low-impact – no more jumping for me.
The fatigue that follows later in the day is pretty dire. I have to keep exercising to strengthen my leg muscles and improve my stamina, but it’s really, really tiring.
There will come a time when I will gain enough stamina to get through a normal day in the UK. This had better happen in the next ten days, or I’m screwed.
I’m not sure that I’m looking forward to the sheer numbers of people, my eyes can’t process a lot of information and they get tired and my balance suffers. I feel very drunk within minutes, so I guess that it’s going to take some time to recover from this trip.
It will be wonderful to see my family again and worth the effort and expense. I hope they don’t expect too much from me. I don’t want to let them down.

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