Kissing Frogs – first boyfriends, boo, hiss

I had my first kiss at 13. It wasn’t anything to get all excited about, but a young teenager does dream…
He was an odd one, that first almost-boyfriend. Wouldn’t speak to me at school, wasn’t I good enough to be seen out with?

I met a boy on holiday after O levels. We kissed and he gave me Glandular Fever, which was probably the beginning of the downward slope to Multiple Sclerosis.

So, first serious boyfriend. The lying, cheating bastard kind of boyfriend. Colin Moore his name was and he’s probably still the same.
I was a chubby, overweight teenager. It wasn’t an ideal thing to be, but however much I dieted and had thyroid tests (always abnormally low) I couldn’t get thin.
I left school at 16 and went to Newcastle College of Art and Technology and loved it.
I’d get the train to Newcastle from Hexham – I’d run all the way to the railway station and eat little for lunch and then walk home. I lost weight at a great rate and by Christmas I was thin! A great size 10 and I was looking good.
By the spring, I was going swimming a couple of times a week – well it was A -levels and not school, so once the lessons were over, my time was my own.
I caught the eye of a fit-looking blond guy and we got chatting and he asked me out. I was 17 and a bit inexperienced, but I was impressed – he had his own car and took me to a nice country pub.

In the 1970s, sex was a bit, well, freer than nowadays. Men (he was 23) thought that sex on the first date was normal and so we did the deed. Not great, but he rang and asked me out again.
We’d go out a few times a week and by summer, I was enamoured. I went into Newcastle to buy him a birthday present and as I stood in a small boutique, he walked past – holding hands with a girl.
For a minute, I stood there frozen. Then in some sort of trance, paid for the shirt and went back to my temporary job – helping out at a summer school for musical kids in Durham.
Colin picked me up and eventually, I asked him about the girl. He said that they had a ‘college’ relationship – on in the holidays and off when she went back to university.
Oh, red rag to bull time. I had to win. I had to have him and get him to leave her – I had to make him mine.
Now, that’s a huge mistake.
Yes, I made him mine and yes, I got a ring on my finger, but by the time I went to university, I wasn’t quite so keen.
After a few weeks there, I realised that I’d been dumb. No one should be tied down at 18. Not when life is so wonderful and different and so, so full of music.
One day, he rang (coin phone on the landing in the student accommodation) and told me he was at the bottom of Kingston Hill and to come and get him.
I scampered down the hill, but no Colin.
It had been a cruel and nasty practical ‘joke’. I said nothing about it, but later on, we split.
I knew he’d been unfaithful all that time. He even had genital warts, the bastard, but fortunately I didn’t catch them.
I gave him his ring back, he said that he didn’t know what he’d got until I’d gone, but that was that. Move along, nothing to be seen here and I was free.
Later, I met my Prince. One kiss and that was it. I knew instantly that he was my mate, my great love and quite quickly, my husband. That was 28 years ago this year and he’s still my great love. My Glyn, my best friend, the kindest person I know and I love him so very much.

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