Woooooooooooo MS and complimentary therapies

I read a lot about MS. Know thy enemy. When you are diagnosed, you don’t know if your MS is going to be a progressive type or not.
It was obvious to my neuro that mine was RRMS. It was classed as ‘benign’ which doesn’t actually mean that it’s harmless.
What ‘benign’ means is that you can have a lot of relapses which make you really ill, but that you recover very well from them.
Now, for me, the poor sap who has MS, relapses are the pits. They screw up your life for weeks, or even months and they leave a nice lesion in the brain, like a sort of horrible calling-card.
In my case, the plan was to try not to have relapses. This is known as activity-free disease control.
I was really lucky. I started Rebif quite soon after diagnosis and it worked. It actually worked!
I didn’t get the shivery side-effects and my liver tolerated it well.
At the time I was diagnosed, (2000) there was a lot of discussion about relapses. Various commentators claimed that beta-interferon didn’t stop progression, but that’s (to me) like saying that a car crash won’t affect your car.
Lesions are holes in the brain, they fill with water, which means that this part of the brain no longer works. ‘The electrics have failed, gov. ‘
I quite like reading about complimentary therapies. Some are really useful – for example, I have awful muscle spasms. They pull my body out of alignment – my knees are really screwed up. The ligaments were becoming tighter and tighter, until I couldn’t bend my knees. The meniscus (cartilage) was shredded. Not good.
When I was first ill, I had muscle spasms in my back, ribs and shoulders and face. I’m a singer by trade and I couldn’t use my facial resonance, as the bones were literally being pulled apart.
I was ‘saved’ by a chiropractor who used strong massage and pressure to get the muscles to relax and I gradually improved.
I know what to do about sudden spasms. This is an important issue with MS – especially if you are a singer, or violinist, or pianist.
I was reading articles about CCSVI at This is MS. It used to be a great website with technical discussions about treatments until CCSVI came along in 2009. Now, it’s just about the venoplasty – or nearly…
There was a post there about jaw alignment. Now, I know what MS does, so anyone helping to realign the body is going to pique my interest.
All was fine, the usual claims that this treatment stopped MS (don’t believe that for a minute) and how much better people felt when their pain subsided (yes,good).

The dentist offering this treatment added an anecdotal account by one of his patients.
“Cure for MS with a dental brace”.
As everyone else who is Dr A’s patient says “and the rest is history”. It took me less than 48 hours to decide that the article needed further investigation. I had two things wrong with me, MS and a jaw that dislocated. Maybe going to a dentist was a step in the right direction. For me, from then on everything fell into place. Filling in the medical history in the extensive questionnaire that Dr Amir provides, made me see the connection between my long standing dental problems (I’ve had teeth extracted from age 8 to “make room in my small mouth”).

At my first appointment in Putney, I burst out crying when Dr. A. scanned my medical and dental history and said the unforgettable words “you realise you don’t have MS, you just have a problem with your teeth and jaws?”

WTF? Really – so those lesions don’t count? Blimey. How can a dentist claim that someone doesn’t have MS, when he’s never even seen an MRI scan of the patient’s brain?
This is wrong, wrong, wrong.
I believe that a good orthodonist/chiropractor can relieve pain, but to deny MS exists?
This is also, mad, mad, mad.
The MS world is full of this bullshit.

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