The sun is shining – quick wash the sheets!

Our weather here in Galicia, is quite similar to the weather in the UK. We have hotter days and nights in the summer and apparently, more rain.
We don’t get much snow – just on top of the mountains. There are no beech trees either. I do miss beech trees.
The days are fairly short. It gets light at about 0815 and dark at about six in the evening. When the sun shines, the whole world is suddenly very, very bright.
Everyone washes everything they can, knowing it’ll dry that day, the farmers roar past the house with their loads of liquid manure to spray on the grazing pastures and the cats bask in the sun.

You have to be careful walking back into a passage way or interior room. Temporary blindness is an unpleasant side-effect.
We sit upstairs in our bedroom in the afternoon, enjoying the free heat and stripping off most clothes to absorb the vitamin D3.
Once the sun dips over the western roof of our house, we head downstairs to light the woodburner.
The temperature plummets. I’m typing here and have got my three layers back on and a rug round my knees.
The sky to the west is bright and clear, painfully light, almost metallic, like titanium or silver.
As the sun sets, it drops behind the mountains at the edge of the Ribeira Sacra and their outlines are sharp against the light.
The stars emerge by seven or eight in the evening and each evening I make a new promise to master my telescope this year. I’m not very good at this, so it’s going on my list of things to do, along with getting back on my bike and meeting other musicians. It really feels like a new year here and I hope it’ll be a good one.

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