It’s raining, one of the cats is depressed as she’s missing her man and so am I

It rains a lot here in Galicia. This is the reason why it’s known as ‘Green Spain’. The older generations had special clogs to wear for winter gardening – platform clogs, with a good 3 inches (approx 10cm) high sole, with a hole to knock off the mud.
There is winter gardening, the berthas (large cabbages) are important sources of greens, the leeks are perfect and so are the winter lettuces. Lettuces in winter? Yes, they grow well.
In January – or rather the first week of January, everyone plants their garlic. I can’t imagine a more miserable occupation. It’s cold and probably raining and there you are, aching joints and maybe a bit of hangover, planting garlic cloves.
Mr P has gone to London and he’ll be back soon. Our gorgeous toffee coloured tabby female (Harry) is missing her man.
He nursed her through the night as a kitten and kept her alive, with half-hourly dribbles of rehydrating mix, as she had contracted feline enteritis, or Parvo virus.
She has a bit of ataxia, but she’s nearly 2 and thoroughly in love with Mr P. She had 4 kittens this year (no Mr P was not involved) and they all found good homes.
We kept one, called ‘Splodge’ who seemed stupid, but actually he isn’t. He’s just a bit slow.
Harry is pining. On the first day-without-her-man, she was fine, but didn’t want to come up to bed.
The next day, she wouldn’t eat and growled when I picked her up. Last night, she was happy to sleep on the bed and ate her breakfast, but she’s still not happy.
I have lit the woodburning stove in order to cheer her up a bit. What am I doing?
I’m burning wood to cheer up a cat?
Mad. She is worth it though…

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