Am I the loneliest musician in the world?

I have MS. It’s very difficult to be a musician or a singer with MS with MS. It becomes 100 times more difficult to interact and play or sing with other musicians when you move house.

I moved here, to gorgeous, green, comforting Galicia, largely because we couldn’t afford to live in the UK any more and also because I feel really well here.
The MS is still there, but I can walk down a lane and not develop double vision, or lose my balance as my eyes and brain are trying to process too much. Three cows are easier to avoid than a thousand people walking towards me.
I lived in York, a touristy city and it became impossible for me to go anywhere by foot, as I felt so awful after five minutes in the crowds of people.

So, here I am in my safe little valley and my ancient house and I’m happy here. I have Galician friends and British friends. I speak the two local languages and so, what next?
Well last year, I started to work on my singing again and after a gap of eight years without performing, it was hard work. It was wonderful though. Absolutely, amazingly, wonderful to able to sing.

This year, thanks to fairy godmother, I began to play the violin after a 32 year long rest. I sounded like a dying sheep to begin with.
I don’t sound so bad now. I can make a pleasant noise. No more dead sheep.

The emotional pain is that I don’t know a soul who plays any instruments. I can’t play with anyone else and it’s killing me. I NEED OTHER MUSICIANS IN MY LIFE!!!!

I want to sing with other people and I want to play the recorders and my violin and I want to soak myself in music. Total immersion would be bliss. I love music so much, that’s it’s like a religious vocation. I adore and worship music. It is my god. It is my life and I need others share it with. If I somehow manage this, watch me soar with happiness.

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