No more excuses

It’s December now and I’m still not blogging regularly. I should be as it’s good discipline. So, no more excuses.

There’s a very nice little artesan/bric a brac market in Monforte de Lemos each Sunday. I have plans, cunning plans even.

I make chocolates each December. It is an activity that has brought me great pleasure over the last couple of years. I give them to friends as gifts and the best thing is that they are accepted. This is a big thing for me. My neighbours and friends here have given me so much in simple friendship; help with roof tiles and free wine.
They don’t like accepting gifts, but homemade gifts are acceptable.

I didn’t think I could make chocolates, as the baking/cake gene seems to be absent. My mother can make cakes and my daughter is a divine baker. Mine cakes are disasters and always have been.
My cookery teacher at school used to groan when she saw me.

So, I make chocolates. I invent fillings and I love it. So, next stop is finding iridescent plastic in squares that we can tie with ribbon and sell at the market. Watch this space.

I’ve had an odd sort of year. It’s been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster ride, but I’m happy and contented at the moment.
My very good and generous fairy godmother gave me a violin for my birthday.
I’m playing a lot of Irish and Celtic music on the violin and also the Tin Whistle and on an Irish keyless flute. The flute is a beast, but it is a true and fine instrument. The finger holes are quite far apart, so fast music isn’t possible on the flute. The whistle on the other hand, (so to speak, as it isn’t…) is dead easy to play.

I have neglected my voice. The diaphragm support is still strong, but I’m not singing much right now. I haven’t got much to sing that isn’t HUGE. I have plans for this too…cunning plans and they don’t involve turnips or Cylons.

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