Oh, the shame. No blogs for months…

I’ve been distracted. I’ve fallen in love with a violin, our cat’s had kittens, I had an MS attack (aka relapse), got fit, hurt my knee again, all good reasons to forget to blog.
In reality, the MS attack took away a level of creativity. All I wanted to do was read my Kindle and not speak to anyone. I read and re-read a lot of Katie Fford romantic novels. I wrote nothing.
I have enjoyed the process of teaching myself how to play the violin. I could play very well at 12 years, but dropped it as it was difficult to get to lessons and also, I would have needed to reboot from start.
I bought ‘Violin for Dummies’, which was useful, a lot of music and then discovered Kathy and David Blackwell’s violin tutors and books of pieces. Fantastic.
If I’d had these tunes and arrangements and exercises when I was learning many *(many, many) years ago, I would have carried on with the violin.
I hit a glass wall with technique. Classical music is all very well, but bowing is not as easy as it looks.
The answer is, Irish fiddle music. Your left hand plays the notes, but the right hand (the bowing arm) is the phrasing and words. Irish Fiddle music is quite tricky to bow – especially if you are left- handed. I’ve enjoyed the challenge. It’s been tricky, but it keeps my interest going.
Last week, I discovered that my A string had broken. Maybe the violin case fell over, maybe a cat knocked the case, but whatever happened, the A string was not where it should be.
I had to order another one, but in the meantime, it focused my energy on what to do if I want to busk. The violin is okay, but it is a fragile instrument and so, I thought that what I really, really needed was an Irish flute.
As luck would have it, there was an Irish unkeyed, 6 hole flute at a bargain price on dear old Amazon.co.uk. I bought it.
I thought, great, I can play jigs and it’ll be great – except it’s not.
My lower lip, the shaper of notes is taking its time to remember what to do. I can blow notes, make a nice noise, for ooh, about 2 minutes.
I have to put the flute down, wait a couple of minutes more and then start again. Still, it’s better than last week, when the playing time was approximately 40 seconds.
The singing is still there, so that’s 3 things on the go at once. Hmm. I’m still reading a lot and not writing, but I can feel the ability to create something from my imagination, growing stronger.
Maybe I’ve got my mojo back. Maybe I need a Mini Me. Maybe not.

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