A notable ‘FAIL’. When fear wins…

I injured my left knee (my ‘good’ knee) at the beginning of October. It was a sprained posterior cruciate ligament and about a month later, I tore the soft tissues around the knee whilst attempting to cycle.
The problem for me, with this particular injury was what happened just afterwards. The ligaments leaped and blocked the nerve pathways that tell your brain where the leg is. For a few seconds, I had no leg and ended up on the floor.
The fear that this could happen again – at any time and without warning grew and grew.
The fear assumed titanic proportions and began to wake me with terrifying dreams each night. The unstable ligaments would move and make the knee lock up with great pain, so much that I had to sleep wearing a support sleeve to stabilise the joint.
I had thought that conquering these fears by exercising gently and strengthening the knee would help, but nothing worked and the fears began to drive me slowly insane.
In the end, I ended up with adrenaline overload, which pushed my blood pressure up to its most dangerous heights and I was admitted to hospital for a short stay. This did the trick and I gradually lost my acute fears.
I had a pair of crutches from other knee operations in Asia and I got used to using them until the fear left me.
I woke up yesterday and just knew somehow, that the knee had recovered. I still use one crutch to descend the stairs, which I don’t need, but it helps to reassure my inner self that I’m not going to crash down the stone steps.
The knee should be stable now, but it has lost a great deal of muscle mass and I have to rebuild this, or the patella may become unstable again.
This will be painful, but a lot better than the alternative.

In Galicia, October is mushroom month. Those who aren’t sure of their fungi can gather the one and only fruiting body that they can safely eat – the Shaggy Parasol mushroom, or “Zarrota’ as it is called here.
There weren’t any Parasols in October, but in the last week or so, they have started to appear. They grow in small groups, or on their own and look like a drumstick when they first appear. We have eaten about twenty so far and are just beginning to look for other fungi. The Fairy Ring Champignons are fruiting in their rings and we have picked two field mushrooms.
The next ones to appear are the Horse Mushrooms. They are the size of dinner plates and one provides a great meal for two people. The temptation to pick many is great, but I’m not doing that this year. It would be easy to pick 10 kilos, but I’ve decided to exercise self-control and leave them for others.
The next fungi to appear will be the Hedgehogs and then the Winter Chanterelles and then that’s that for the year.

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