Stupid knees…the saga continues

So, after I managed to somehow injure my left knee by standing still and doing nothing, a feat that is only matched by the injury I suffered by knitting, I’m still using a stick and taking small steps. (Right Leg First).
I have an elastic knee support bandage, another larger one on top of that and then my knee brace.
The ligaments seem to be more stable, but still unreliable. I’m spooked. I don’t trust my knee and I’m terrified of falling, stairs and pain.
Autumn has arrived in Galicia. This means rain and then a bit more rain and then possibly, a bit more, usually peaking on All Saints Day, which is when the biggest market of the year takes place at Monte Rosso, a picturesque market town to the north of us
It’s interesting to walk through the stalls outside the auction market/multi purpose hall and look up at their plastic roofs bulging with the water. Not so much fun if the wind blows the water all over you, but it is advisable to wear waterproof trousers and a good jacket.
The nearest big supermarket sells these this month and it’s well worth wearing the outfit, even though it’s plastic and you sweat.

There’s been no rain since the Spring – or rather, no ‘proper’ rain. We’ve had a few showers and even a couple of days of rain, but this is the real stuff. It varies from drizzle to torrential and as we are high up, we are in the clouds.
This means that the next sunny day (maybe tomorrow) will involve a large amount of washing. The next few days also herald the beginning of fungi collecting. I love wandering through the fields and woods, iPod in my pocket, harpsichord concertos or Red Priest playing humming along and poking leaves with my stick.
The chestnuts (Castañas) have fallen and if there are any fungi, such as Chanterelles hiding beneath, then the spiky shells need to be moved with my stick. I’ve discovered that I have a mild allergy to the spines and so the stick is necessary. I should wear gloves, but I keep losing them.
As there’s been no rain all summer, there will be a massive fruiting of fungi and this means free food.
I know where all the good fungi grow now and have lost the compulsive reflex to gather everything. I take what we need for lunch and no more. Well, unless Boletus Edulis or Aereus are there, when I can dry them.
The neighbours look for Parasol fungi, but will ignore all others. They’ll take unopened Horse Mushrooms, just so long as I collect them. I keep reassuring them that I’m not dead yet, so I must know my fungi by now.
I hope my knee improves and my confidence to get out on my bike and wander around alone in the woods (not on Thursdays, Saturdays or Sundays due to hunters). It’s my favourite time of the year and I want my freedom back and I want it back soon. If the small gods of the hills hear my wishes, then I promise to stop being a miserable and moody cow. Honest.
ps. The knee injury is a sprained cruciate posterior ligament and it bloody well hurts.

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