Fleas, grapes and the practical use of ‘Carallo’

Oh joy, we have had a little rain. The parched ground is a minefield of lurking fleas, that lie in wait for a nice ankle walking out to the washing line in the garden, a nice tasty ankle, with no protection, in the form of repellent and which will then experience an interesting variety of fleabites.
As I have Multiple Sclerosis, my lower limbs have lost a good bit of sensitivity. I have to dip my elbow into hot water, as my fingers are not good at judging heat.
My toes are the same and my lower legs are fairly numb.
I’m not complaining, as I can walk perfectly well, but I have to be careful with hot baths and washing up.
Cold, on the other hand, so to speak, is intensely painful. I hate the sensation of cold water, or any spray on my skin.

I suspect that I have a form of Reynaud’s Syndrome, where the blood flow to the extremities is limited, but it could just be the MS.
I do try to keep as active as possible, as it improves the blood flow to my fingers and toes. If I do my aerobics (with ankle and hand weights) every other day, then my hands remain warm. If I don’t do this delightful activity (not), then by the fourth day, my fingers and toes are freezing.
Now, this word has a myriad number of uses. Galicians are as fond of profanity as the Irish. They use any number of very rude words in ordinary conversation. Most foreigners will never guess this, as it’s in Gallego, coño.

I don’t think anyone uses Carallo – (oh well, okay in Castellano, the word is Carajo. Look it up for yourself –) no one uses Carallo the way I do.
I’m happy. I’ve got my mojo back and I can sing again. It’s taken several months of quite intense diaphragm exercises and vocal work (vocalises) to build my voice and support it. The internal resonance, involving the lifted soft palate and hard palate, works very well if I make sure that the ‘a’ in Carallo is pronounced exactly.
It’s a very open ‘a’. A little more open than the ‘a’ in Crap.
If I make sure that every scale is based around the internal palate positions that make the open ‘a’ sound, then my voice is clearer, stronger and much louder. Even better, I have more range.
I can now hit a very good high C, which means that the world of Soprano arias is available. I’m even enjoying Verdi, which is a massive challenge to sing, as he pushes the voice hard AND writes loads of words in an aria.
I’m lazy and I like arias with few words and lots of notes. I can see that this is going to have to change. Ah well….ohi me…Carallo.
So, before each line or exercise, you’ll see me muttering ¡Carallo!

The grapes that I mentioned in the title, are drying in my dehydrator. This is a five-shelved fan, basically. It’s a leftover from the six, mostly miserable months that I spend eating a raw food diet.
The black grapes, grown for the Sacred Ribena (as we called it – the wine from the Ribeira Sacra) make delicious and addictive raisins. Mmmmm, they are incredibly good. Lucky me.

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