Overdrawn at energy bank – life with MS

There’s an old analogy with MS. It’s either called the ‘teaspoon theory’ or the ‘glasses of beer’ theory.
It’s to do with how the body responds to exertion and how quickly the person recovers their energy.
I try to live with my type of MS, (non-progressive relapsing/remitting) by building up my fitness levels and exercising as much as possible.
I’ve been coping with strength and fitness training, by only exercising once every other day, but as I’m impatient, I’ve been trying 3 days on, 1 day off.

This may be a good tactic, but today, on the day off, I’m suffering. So this is how fatigue feels for me.

Imagine that there’s a force-field all around your body, which presses on your body, rather like extra gravity.
Or, imagine that all the muscles in your body are encased in elastic bandages.
Or, imagine that all the muscles in your body are lightly wired up to a battery, which increases the tension.

Fatigue has another side-effect. It lowers the mood and makes me feel very sorry for myself.
Add in osteoarthritis in the knees and the pain and misery level is increased.

I went for a walk last night and found myself walking more and more slowly. It’s the ‘entropy symptom’. Imagine that you roll a ball and as it travels, it gradually slows down until it stops.

My shinbones are pretty painful, which I guess, is how a person feels after they’ve run a marathon.

My theory of my MS fatigue, is that tomorrow, I’ll wake up and feel normal. I’ll be able to do my forty-five minutes of exercises and I’ll feel great afterwards.
This does depend on this day being stress-free and lazy. I won’t even do my vocal exercises.
I don’t like losing a whole day to fatigue, but this is life with MS. Shit happens.

However, if after this week, I’m still losing a day to fatigue and pain, then I’ll go back to the one day on, one day off system.
My impatience is due to the fact that if I exercise, I lose weight. If I don’t, then I stay the same, no shrinking of the stomach, no tightening of the gluteus muscles, no improvement to the flabby arms.
Well, we’ll see.
I’ve been on an excellent diet since February.
Breakfast. 1 avocado, a cup of black coffee
Lunch. Protein, (fish or chicken or meat) plus vegetables – fried courgette, or steamed cabbage or beans.
Dessert. Strawberries, or local kiwis, or other berries plus ground almonds, walnuts and coconut cream.
Snack – Smoked Salmon and goat cheese or Philadelphia cheese, plus a handful of nuts and that’s it.
My last meal is no later than 6 in the evening.

That’s it for now. I’m tired. Yes, it’s true, MS Sucks.

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