Good day world,
After a whole day and night of torrential rain, the sun has appeared. The weather here can be so local that some 4km away in Escairón the ground is almost dry, whilst here the rain is well, practically of biblical amounts.
I don’t expect the sun to stay for long, but it’s nice to see the clouds lift for a while.
On the google weather forecast for the next few days, the rain will continue and who knows when it will stop.
The weather can be glorious here in winter. I go to drink coffee with the other Preguiceiras and we sit out on my neighbour’s balcony soaking up the vitamin D3 and feeling as though we are on a cruise ship.
My neighbour’s balcony faces south and it is a lovely place to sit on a fine day. Everyone walks or drives past and we can see how the four beautiful cows from down the road are doing as they walk up the road to pastures anew.
Galician cows are glamorous creatures. The native breed is a Galega Rubia – Galician Blonde. Their calves are sold on as ternera galega, Galician veal for considerable sums of money, once they reach full size.
The milk is rich and famous throughout Spain along with the veal. The real treasure is the matured beast’s meat. Buey, which oddly is the same name for a crab, but what the heck, is dark, dry and glorious.
Galicians will pay good money for good food. The beef is over 20 euros a kilo and that’s rib.
You can queue at the fish counter and see people paying 70 euros for fish for a family meal. We spotted a fish that was rarely seen and it was 43 euros a kilo!
I wonder if anyone bought it?

Also seen on the fish counter are shellfish, clams, crabs, razor clams, cockles, oysters and the famous percebes. Plucked from the rocks below the high tide line, this is perilous work. Men (and women) risk being swept off or onto the rocks by the Atlantic rollers.
Percebes slightly resemble the monster from the movie ‘Tremors’ but are the size of your little finger.
They are ugly little sods, but do taste nice. I can’t quite get past the Tremors thought, but MM (mi marido) loves them.
They are his. I’ll stick to cockles thank you very much and a nice glass of Sacred Ribena.

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