Rain! Llover, Chuvia, ¡Carallo!

Galicia is also known as ‘Green Spain’. Why?
Because it rains and then it rains a bit more and then it rains for weeks.
Now, this would be fine if my house was watertight, but as the roof is largely useless, despite being ‘new’ in 2004, the solution right now, involves the lavish use of huge black rubber buckets, or cubos as they are known here.
Right now, upstairs above the kitchen, the cubos are filling.
Our very kind and generous neighbour has mended the worst of the holes, but it’s too dangerous right now to fix the holes above the kitchen.
We managed to get the roof above our bedroom redone in 2008, but this is the only finished room.
Then in the spring of 2009, the ‘Perfect Storm’ hit Galicia. The massive wind of nearly 200 k’s per hour, drove water under the roof tiles and our bedroom was leaking again.
Our very kind neighbour fixed this as well. We were sceptical of ‘the fix’ at first, which involved placed angled tiles over the concrete lintel, but it worked and continues to hold back the rain.
There are many things that would be nice to do/have done. Electrical points throughout the house, internal walls for the first floor, bathrooms, but first, the roof replaced, with insulation and white boards. Please, please local Gods who live up on the heathland, send me money to fix my roof?
Ooh and someone to help move the bookcases out from under our bedroom and into the lounge-to-be above the kitchen. Then I can unpack all my books and re-read them all. Oh, that would be wonderful.
One day, I’d lke to be able to walk upstairs under cover. Now, if I need to go to the bathroom, I walk out of the kitchen, into the courtyard, under our bedroom, up the stone steps and then along a corridor and into our room. If a pee is urgent, then the last part is with pelvic floor and clenched teeth.
There are many things that would be wonderful to have – a balcony with a handrail…oh, that would be great and a wooden stair up to the balcony. To go to the loo without having to brave the damn rain, ¡carallo! would be luxury indeed.
One day, I will have this, I know I will.

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