Well, hello there…(to quote PDQ Bach)

I’ve always wanted to write.  I’ve read so many books that it’s time to put something back to balance up the cosmic equilibrium.

So, who is Jay Blewes?  Well, it’s not my real  name, but I like writing as someone else. I’ve been inflicting my views on the internet for twelve years now, under several names, so it’s time to choose one and stick to it.

I’ve never met Jay Blewes. I would have liked to though, as she was a  truly brave and wonderful person. I look at her son each day and wish that she hadn’t died before I had the chance to get to know her. Anyway, enough of that, for the moment.

So who is real person behind the fictional Jay Blewes?  

I’m a  wannabe writer. I used to be a musician, but then I became ill and couldn’t work anymore. That part of my brain that was subconsciously reserved for music, came in useful for learning some new languages, Castellano (or standard Spanish) and Galego. 

Back to writing.  One day, I was reading and found myself analysing the plot and writing style. What was this?  I hoovered books up and deliberately read them sloppily, so that I could re-read them later. One day, in 2009 I started to write a novel.  I discovered that I can see scenes in my head and write them down, as though transcribing actual events in real time.  This novel is on it’s third redrafting, but the plot is good and that counts for a great deal. 

You’ll read a few short stories here and you’ll read my rants about the various online topics that interest me and…(gosh, how much can a person take?)… you’ll also read amusing or interesting events that life throws up here, right in the centre of Galicia. 

What is Galicia famous for?  Well, the Camino de Santiago (the Way of Saint James) is number one now and thank goodness, for its old number ones were more infamous, than famous.

Galicia used to be well-known as the birthplace of Fidel Castro, General Franco and the small, but furtive doorway for all the products in powder form, from Colombia. Now that all of that has been overtaken by the Pilgrim route and also for the head office of Zara and Chupa Chups – lollipops to you. 

It is an ancient landscape. I think people have lived here for a very long time and they’ve also been growing grapes here forever. People are familiar with the white wines – The wines from the southern shores, the Rias Baixas, crisp and fruity. The red wines are quite something though.  People make their reds from the Mencia grape, the Grenache and sometimes Godello.  

My friends have christened the wines of the Ribeira Sacra (the sacred shores) ‘Sacred Ribena’.  The wine is dark red, smooth, fruity and very easy drinking. Hangovers are rare. 

The spirit, Aguadiente aka Orujo, is evil and does produce possibly the worst hangovers ever. It comes in several disguises. 

Plain: Looks like water, but do not drink it when thirsty. 

Licor de cafe: Hmm…this can be nice. 

Licor de hierbas: Infused with a mixture of herbs, including anise. Irresistible to dogs. Starts of bright yellow, but mellows to a whisky colour. It can be quite nice, if you wait for it to mature. Drink it whilst it’s still yellow and it will tear out your throat and grab your stomach and cauterise it. 

Tonight is the 60th anniversary of the BBC Radio 4 drama, ‘The Archers’.  What will happen…ooer. It’s older than I am. It’s older than my other half and I can hardly wait…


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